Video: Cyclist “Nutjob” attacks another rider for overtaking him on the London CS3 (warning: contains extreme language)

A cyclist described as a ‘nutcase’ has been given a suspended prison sentence after threatening and attacking another cyclist with D-locks, as well as hitting his bike on London’s CS3, the track The capital’s flagship cycle route along the north bank of the Thames. .

Michael Reyes, the victim, filmed the shocking incident with a helmet-mounted camera and posted a video on YouTube now that the trial is over, with the footage posted on by Mike van Erp, whose videos have published under the name Cycling Mikey secured the conviction of hundreds of motorists for a series of driving offenses.

In the description of the video, Mr Reyes says the anonymous author was convicted by the City of London Magistrates’ Court for using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior causing fear or provoking violence , an offense under section 4 of the Public Order Act. 1986, and with criminal damage to property valued at less than £ 5,000, contrary to the Criminal Damage Act 1971.

The incident on July 17, 2020 began shortly before the Blackfriars underpass on CS3 as the two cyclists headed west, with the assailant apparently backing up before catching up with the victim again at a fair red light. before the ramp to the junction at the north end of Blackfriars Bridge.

Mr Reyes said: “Last July I started playing around with different places to mount a camera to record my bike rides. One fateful day, I chose to test it mounted on my helmet. I didn’t know how much it would save me a few hours later.

“That day the weather was fantastic so I left work about an hour early so I could take a long drive before I got home. Unfortunately, I was only about a half mile from my office when I was verbally assaulted and attacked by another cyclist.

“At first I thought the rant was funny because I had the camera on my head pointed at him, so I assumed he was just trying to be entertaining, but when he pointed out my accent and how it was was a problem, I realized maybe it wasn’t. very funny so I tried to run away.

“He catches me at the next stoplight and tries to attack me with two different D-locks. I manage to defend myself and he runs away. I step away from the stage to apologize to those around me when he comes back to my bike and stomps it, bending the fork, frame, wheel and disc brake. Fortunately, while on the run, he is arrested by a member of the City of London Police.

In his text commentary on the video, Mr Reyes said the officer “took our statements, witness statements and called in additional officers.

“No arrests took place that day,” he continued. “I specifically said I didn’t think it was necessary.

“It wasn’t until after looking at the footage when I got home that I realized he could have really hurt me.

“In October 2020, the investigator asked him to come in for an interview. He did not do it.

“An arrest warrant was issued against his arrest and in mid-January 2021 he was finally arrested. “

He was charged with the offenses in February and pleaded not guilty in a first hearing in late March, whose trial took place in August.

Mr Reyes said that once the case was heard, the defense “relied entirely on the belief that his locks allegedly fell out of his pockets as he pulled himself to my side and that I would have grabbed them to hit him Damage to my bike would have been caused by it falling to the ground.

“I know defense lawyers have to represent their client as best they can, but their claims were silly when viewing the video evidence presented,” he said.

The offenses for which the accused has been convicted are punishable, on summary conviction (that is to say in the district court), to six months’ imprisonment or to a fine in the event of threatening behavior and three months’ imprisonment for property damage.

Mr Reyes added: ‘Fortunately the City of London Magistrates’ Court agreed with me and he was found guilty and ultimately sentenced to 26 weeks imprisonment, suspended for 24 months, 20 days. rehabilitation activity and ordered compensation for my bike. “

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