Top and Bottom 10 UK Local Authorities by Full Fiber Coverage

New data from Point Topic has revealed the top ten and bottom ten UK local authorities for coverage by gigabit-capable fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP)-based broadband ISP networks, possibly putting Hull in the l ‘East Yorkshire (99.2% of locals moved) to the top and pushes Oadby and Wigston in Leicestershire (1.4%) down.

By the end of 2021, just over 30% of premises across the UK could access a full fiber network (here), up from 24.33% in mid-2021. The coverage figure roughly equates to a total of around 8.5 to 9 million past premises – excluding any duplication of coverage due to overbuilding between rival networks (mainly in urban areas).

REMARK: The top and bottom 10 tables below are from February 2022 data.

Naturally, the top ten UK local authorities for FTTP coverage tend to reflect urban areas, particularly those that have been building the network longer than others (eg KCOM’s rollout in Hull). In comparison, lower local authorities, with the notable exception of a few places like Oxford, are generally much more remote and rural places.

We have to point out that Oxford is unlikely to stay in the bottom table for long as Openreach has big upgrade plans for the city, or at least part of it.

Top 10 UK local authorities by % past premises

local authority % of premises passed by FTTP
Kingston upon Hull
Belfast 89.0
Milton Keynes 87.5
Ards and North Down 85.8
Coventry 83.0
Antrim and Newtown Abbey 81.9
Derry City and Strabane 80.5
Central and East Antrim 79.4
Peterborough 79.3
East Riding of Yorkshire 78.8

The last 10 UK local authorities by % of past premises

local authority % of premises passed by FTTP
Luton 2.0
Burnley 1.9
Argyll and Bute 1.9
Oxford 1.8
Havant 1.8
Shetland Islands 1.7
North East Lincolnshire 1.7
Orkney Islands 1.6
Isles of Scilly 1.5
Oadby and Wigston 1.4

Take a broader view. In 42% of local authorities, total FTTP coverage is still less than 20% of premises. However, you will notice on the map below that some rural counties, such as Cornwall, have a strong full fiber coverage. The latter stems from the fact that Openreach rolled out a lot of FTTP across Cornwall a few years ago, which happened as part of the original £132 million Superfast Cornwall project between BT and the EU.


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