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I bought my house seven years ago, and the previous owner (seemingly unknowingly) still pays nearly £800 a year for buildings and contents insurance through Santander. Renewal letter arrives every year and is paid monthly from his account. We do not have a forwarding address for him. I have tried everything I can think of to have it canceled, but Santander will not deal with me because the account is not in my namedespite the fact that my mortgage is with them. It seems unethical for Santander to continue taking hundreds of pounds for a policy he knows the holder will never be able to claim.

RS, Newtownabbey, County Antrim

All credit goes to you for your efforts to save a stranger from his own apparent madness. It is the customer’s responsibility, not Santander’s, to manage their affairs, but who knows what their situation might be and once you reported it, the bank should have acted. He did this after I gave him a thumbs up and although he couldn’t comment on a third party account he found there were reasons why he hadn’t noticed the debits. He has now rescinded the policy.

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