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Virtual annual meeting, August 11


Over 50 participants attended the virtual meeting, hosted by the President and President-elect of Pride VMC, Drs. Dane Whitaker and Abby McElroy. The meeting opened with a reminder of the Pride VMC vision of an empowered LGBTQ + community with members who embrace wellness by being authentic themselves.


The organization reviewed the strategic priorities and activities for 2020, strengthened its support for the Black Lives Matters movement, and shared its progress on key metrics.

Dr Morgan Miller


LGBTQ + Leadership Award 2020
Dr Morgan Miller (Colorado State ’20), Chicago. Dr Miller is an associate veterinarian at Deerfield Animal Care Center in Deerfield, Illinois. While at CSU, she served as Chair of the CSU Student Sections of Veterinarians as an Inclusive Community for Empowerment and what is now known as the Pride Student Veterinary Medical Community. Dr Miller is a member of the board of directors of Pride VMC, as an advisor to Pride SVMC.

Dr Whitaker
Dr Dane Whitaker
Dr McElroy
Dr Abby McElroy


Dr Dane Whitaker, San Francisco, President; Dr Abby McElroy, Harrisville, Rhode Island, president elect and Secretary; Dr Sandy Hazanow, San Francisco, Past President; Erin Spencer, Derry, New Hampshire, treasurer; Dr Mia Cary, Greensboro, North Carolina, chief Executive Officer; Grace Kallenberg, Dublin, Ohio, student bond; Dr Morgan Miller, Chicago, SVMC Pride Advisor; Dr Omar Farías, Kansas City, Missouri, industry liaison; and directors in general-Dr. Deborah Kochevar, Grafton, Massachusetts, and Russ Drury, New York City

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