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Conservative MP John Redwood spoke to the Express and reflected on the economic challenges facing the country. Speaking to the Express, Redwood insisted the UK can expect an economic rebound. He noted that the faster Boris Johnson relaxes coronavirus restrictions, the faster the economic rebound.

He also praised the financial assistance put in place to better protect jobs as the country faced the coronavirus crisis.

Mr Redwood said: “I think there is going to be a good rebound in the economy.

“That’s what the official forecasts say, I think in this regard that they are right.

“The pace of recovery will remain primarily determined by the pace of relaxation.

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The sooner we relax, the faster the recovery will be, the faster the reduction in government borrowing ”.

“If they can go even further faster, you will have an even better recovery this year.

“Otherwise, more of the recovery will take place next year, as the forecast now says.

“I am happy that the Chancellor took the opportunity to expand and supplement some of the aid programs.

“Those who have independent help, small businesses have certainly benefited.

“There have been discussions as to whether it should have been more extensive and we are still discussing that.”

Due to the current Indian variant plaguing the UK, opening the country on June 21 has been called into question.

The Health Secretary and Boris Johnson have insisted the government will continue to do everything it can to ensure the coronavirus roadmap plan goes uninterrupted.

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