“He gave up the economy, I don’t have that luxury”

Amid the ongoing Torry leadership race, UK Defense Secretary Ben Wallace hit out at Tory leadership candidate Rishi Sunak by accusing the former Chancellor of ‘walking out the door’ by stepping down as as the country’s finance minister and “by abandoning the [British] Wallace, who has publicly extended his support for Foreign Secretary Liz Truss to become Britain’s next leader and succeed ousted Boris Johnson, criticized Sunak’s cabinet resignation by stressing that the British public would never have forgiven the Tories if the financial markets had collapsed due to Sunak’s decision to step down, adding that there would be a recession.

‘I don’t have the luxury of leaving my house’: Wallace’s dig at Sunak

Slamming Sunak’s conduct, Wallace told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: ‘I don’t have the luxury as Defense Secretary to just walk out the door – I have a part to play in keeping this place safe. country.”

“And the guardian of the markets, you know, the guardian of our economy, is the chancellor,” Wallace added, questioning Sunak’s abrupt departure from government.

In a separate interview with The Times, Wallace said the reason he backs Liz Truss isn’t because she’s the “skillful salesperson, but because she’s genuine.” The British Defense Secretary then went on to deliver another scathing remark against Sunak stating that, unlike the ex-British Chancellor, Truss is acting on his statements.

“I sat with her in the cabinet, I held the bilateral meetings and the international summit. She is holding on. But above all, [Truss] is upright and means what it says.”

The British Defense Secretary also backed Truss’ policies, in particular his promise to increase UK defense spending by around 3% of UK GDP by the end of this decade. Wallace recalled that British Prime Minister candidate Rishi Sunak had failed to meet similar pledges, adding that he had refused to declare ‘arbitrary targets’ despite threats from UK adversaries such as Russia and China were at an all-time high. Sunak, instead, pledged to bring back high schools in his early roundups in the Conservative leadership race.

Sunak previously claimed he was an outsider in the battle for British leadership as he gave a speech in Grantham, the hometown of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. “Today my campaign with party members begins. My campaign will represent the best of conservative values. I will give everything to win every vote, but have no doubt – I am the underdog,” Sunak told supporters during countryside.

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