Fraternal relationship affected by loan application

Dear Amy: I wonder if my brother, “Stan”, wrote me off because I wouldn’t lend him money.

In 2015, our two parents died several months apart.

Stan and I each inherited $ 20,000. I put my money in CDs. I don’t know what Stan did with his legacy.

He always had a bad habit of asking relatives for cash loans facility

About a year after my parents died, Stan called me to ask if I would lend him $ 30,000. He never said why he wanted the money.

I told him that my money was tied up in certificates of deposit and that I would have to pay a penalty to withdraw the money. (I wasn’t planning on sending him money, anyway, because he’s such a bad risk.)

He looked annoyed and ended the phone call.

Stan has never called me since. Before this last call to ask for money, he called me about once a month. Now if I don’t call him, I’ve never heard of him.

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