Do cyclists need to have insurance? Let us know your thoughts

Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular means of transport, with government study finding that pedal traffic had increased by 96% since 2004.

Last month, cycling and walking schemes received a £13million boost as authorities seek to take influence from the Netherlands and make parts of Manchester more suitable for cyclists.

With cycling becoming more mainstream and the city set to try to improve its friendliness for cyclists, we want to know if you think cyclists should pay for insurance on the road.

Let us know in the “Comments” section.

Currently, it is not mandatory for cyclists to have insurance when riding on the road, although some companies offer options for those who choose to have it.

According to the government study, on average, two cyclists died and 83 were seriously injured each week in reported road accidents, with a 26% increase in serious injuries since 2004.

Earlier this year, the Highway Code was updated to include additional guidance aimed at increasing the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.

Do you think cyclists should pay insurance to ride on the road? Let us know in the “Comments” section.

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