Cumbrian politicians analyze electoral drama

The results of last week’s local election – which saw the Labor Party lose two seats in Carlisle – reflect growing public appreciation for the government’s efforts to rebalance the economy, the city’s Tory MP said.

The Labor Party was defeated in the last election.

The Tories made gains across England, adding 13 more councils and 236 councilors to their tally, while Labor lost control of eight councils, including Durham County Council.

The defeat to Labor in the Hartlepool by-election was one of the biggest shocks, with voters electing a Tory MP for the first time in 62 years.

In Carlisle, the Labor Party lost Harraby South and Parklands and Newtown and Morton North. “Labor is no longer seen as the party of the working man or woman,” Carlisle MP John Stevenson said.

“The Conservatives are a very practical party and we have realized that parts of the country have underperformed and have not necessarily had the necessary investments.

“We have recognized that and we are fine-tuning it.

“We have £ 250million at Carlisle over the next three or four years … and this is happening in other areas which have also underperformed.

City Council Labor Group leader Colin Glover said his party needed a “period of reflection” to see how to effectively reconnect with voters and communities.

Referring to Keir Starmer’s leadership after Jeremy Corbyn left, he said: “Twelve months is a relatively short period.”

The “outgoing” leaders – Conservatives and Labor – had benefited from the success of the covid vaccination program, he believes.

Former Workington MP Sir Tony Cunningham highlighted the impressive results achieved for the Labor Party in Wales and for his Labor friend and ally Andy Burnham.

Reelected mayor of Greater Manchester, Mr Burnham won 67.3% of the vote – 4% more than four years ago.

The former occupational health secretary has been hailed as a ‘king of the north’ for his defiant stance against the government during Greater Manchester’s second Covid wave in the fall.

Voters rewarded politicians who fought for their communities during the success of the pandemic vaccination program, he said.

In Carlisle, Tories now hold 19 seats while Labor holds 13, with four independents, one Green, one Liberal Democrat and one UKIP.

In the election of Police and Crime Commissioner, incumbent Conservative Peter McCall was convincingly re-elected.

He won the race with 56,753 votes, beating Labor’s Barbara Cannon, who received 27,687 votes, and Liberal Democrat Loraine Birchall, who received 21,506 votes.

Mr. McCall received 53.57% of all first choice votes.

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