Coastguard trainee reprimanded for driving after girlfriend canceled insurance cover

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A driver who had no insurance cover walked away without a tape at Wick Sheriff Court last week.

Sheriff Mark Lindsay QC admitted Kyle Macleod (28) had good reason to believe there was a valid policy in place and reprimanded him.

Tax David Barclay said Macleod, who has a criminal record, was arrested by officers in Riverside Road, Thurso on August 19, 2020, and provided some details indicating that although he was uninsured in his own name, he was a named driver on his girlfriend’s policy.

Lawyer George Mathers said Macleod, who is training to become a coastguard, was adamant he was insured and had no idea his cover had been canceled by his girlfriend 12 days earlier .

Entering a guilty plea to the prosecution, on behalf of Macleod, who lives in Newton Cottage, Bower, Mr Mathers argued there was a special case for not approving his licence.

Sheriff Lindsay agreed and added, “Macleod honestly believed the vehicle he was driving was insured and there was a reasonable basis for that belief. Considering everything, I will warn him.”

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