Californian woman is billed $ 50,000 for having a baby: “It’s a down payment for a house”

A woman went viral after sharing that her hospital had charged her over $ 50,000 for the birth of her baby,

Shannon Mayor, who lives in California, got pregnant in fall 2020, according to Initiated. She told the outlet that after finding out she was pregnant, she started looking for the “best insurance” she could find.

Ms Mayor explained how difficult the US market-based healthcare system is to navigate. She remembers being stressed by having to purchase her husband’s insurance shortly before her baby was born.

“Insurance is complicated. It’s not easy to understand in this country, and you can be screwed if you don’t really think about the future,” she said.

Ms Mayor delivered her baby at a nearby hospital, where she said she received excellent care from her doctors. Then she discovered the true cost of this care.

Last week Ms Mayor received a bill for her hospital stay. Her insurance plan paid $ 50,816.02 for her delivery. Thanks to her insurance, she owed only $ 250.

The exorbitant cost of its delivery prompted her to post a video on TikTok, which generated more than 8 million views.

She said most people didn’t have a spare $ 50,000 to have a baby, noting that it was “like a down payment on a house in one place.”

“I was grateful to have insurance. A lot of people in this country are not fortunate enough to have very good insurance like me, and without it it would have cost a lot more to have my baby.” , she said. . “Not many people have access to this type of insurance, so I felt a lot of gratitude at that time.”

Some commentators have pointed to the disparity between expensive and privatized healthcare markets in the United States and much cheaper and socialized healthcare services in Europe and Canada.

A woman from the United States living in Germany gave birth there and paid just over $ 50 for the entire experience.

Ms Mayor said she was happy her video sparked a “conversation about universal healthcare”, describing the discussions as “revealing”.

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