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It exceeds Nationwide’s travel cover, as there is no deductible to be paid on claims, however, it limits breakdown cover to five years on the Co-operative Bank’s RAC policy and only allows two mobile phone claims per year per account holder up to a value of £1,500.

Nationwide, on the other hand, places no limits on the number of calls you can make on its AA coverage and allows up to four claims per year for phones owned by you or your family up to a value of £2,000 per claim.

3. HSBC Select and Cover – 71% of overall account score

The HSBC Select and Cover packaged account comes third with an overall score of 71%, according to Which?

Unlike a traditional bundled account, this account allows you to purchase “add-on” policies to your existing account for a monthly fee based on the number you add.

You can choose and combine three insurance policies for £19.50 per month, or up to seven for £45.50 per month and comparing its policy for travel, mobile and breakdown the cover has it ranked third in the table for value for money.

4. Barclays Travel Pack and Tech Lite – 67% overall account score

Barclays Travel Pack and the Tech Lite Pack completed the first four Which? out of the 12 packaged accounts analyzed.

Like HSBC, these features work as “add-ons” to an existing Barclays account and you can mix and match from a range of options.

You can choose between the Travel Pack at £12.50 per month or the Travel Plus Pack at £18 per month to include both travel insurance and breakdown cover.
A Tech Pack is also on offer for £14.50 per month, or you can buy the Tech Pack Lite for £9 per month for cellphone and gadget coverage.

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