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The veteran journalist argued that the Tories needed to focus on Mr Johnson’s position as caretaker Prime Minister and how his successor could do well in the next general election. He argued that instead of focusing on whether the prime minister should be replaced sooner or later, Tory ministers should turn their attention to “how to give life, direction and purpose to a sick government that is on about to have passed its expiration date”. .”

He wrote in the DailyMail: “One of Johnson’s greatest deceptions has been campaigning on the right but governing on the left.

“It confused the Tories and left the government rudderless.”

Adding that the Prime Minister had ‘wasted’ his time in Number 10, Mr Neil said: ‘The new Prime Minister will have to correct the mistakes of the past, especially when it comes to economic policy.

A ‘devastating’ Wall Street Journal analysis of the UK’s economic situation said: ”In the midst of this crisis, [Mr Johnson] increased payroll tax [national insurance] 2.5 percentage points to fund the National Health Service, and it froze personal income tax brackets so households would face a substantial tax hike as inflation raises nominal incomes.

“He refused to lower the consumption tax [VAT] or green levies on gasoline [petrol]diesel or domestic energy.

Mr Neil argued that the ‘stupidity’ of Mr Johnson’s economic plan was to raise taxes as the UK hit an economic downturn and approach recession.

The journalist went on to outline the four key points the next British leader must follow to overcome the economic devastation. Mr Neil said: ‘The next Prime Minister should consider reversing the National Insurance hike, suspending VAT and green levies on household fuel and reducing VAT on petrol and diesel.’

Justifying the suggestion that changes to National Insurance made by Mr Johnson and his then Chancellor Rishi Sunak be reversed, Mr Neil said they needed to be changed because ‘too many low-income people now pay taxes.

He added that furthermore, “too many middle income people are in the upper 40%”.

Leadership candidate Tom Tugendhat has called for the immediate reversal of the recent National Insurance increase, which Labor also opposed. Mr Sunak is seen as one of the best candidates to lead the Conservative Party and is known to be in favor of lowering taxes, as Mr Neil suggested.

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Current Chancellor Nadhim Zahawi has hinted that tax cuts could be on the cards, but has since pledged not to make major budget decisions until a new leader is in place. Mr Neil went on to say: ‘It would also be an improvement if the new Prime Minister were less interested than Johnson in signaling virtue on the international stage about global warming when ordinary families bear the brunt of the cost of policies that derive from net zero.

“It should be possible to decarbonize energy without penalizing ordinary people.

It echoed the sentiments of the director of the Bruges group’s conservative think tank, Robert Oulds, who told before Mr Johnson’s resignation that he needed to ‘realize he serves the British people rather than globalist interests.

“He is not willing to discuss with other great leaders. It’s very seductive for him to associate with the G7 leaders and they praised him – but they didn’t put him in power, the British people did.

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