American tourist’s ‘life in danger’ after Maltese doctors deny abortion

Andrea Prudente and Jay Weeldreyer were thrilled with their pregnancy, so much so that they booked ‘babymoon’ tickets to Malta, a country they soon learned had extremely strict anti-abortion laws. When Prudente started having problems 16 weeks later, doctors told her the pregnancy was not viable. But her partner says Maltese doctors refuse to terminate the pregnancy due to strict anti-abortion laws, despite it being a simple procedure. “What’s hard to convey is the torture that’s happened since it was recorded here,” Weeldreyer told VICE. “She gets stung several times a day, blood, every day they check a heartbeat, they don’t make it easy for her to give birth. The baby’s heartbeat may or may not stop. It’s a daily reminder of the baby we can’t have and a child who puts her at mortal risk. He added that his partner also tested positive for COVID-19 when he arrived in the country. The couple have been waiting six days for an insurance company to approve an emergency medical evacuation to the UK, where the procedure is legal. In Malta, women are only allowed to terminate a pregnancy if they are “on the verge of death”, VICE reported. “It took Andrea a day to receive her file and we are dealing with an emergency situation”, Prudente’s lawyer said The Guardian. “Any minute could lend itself to putting Andrea’s life in danger.”

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