Allianz tie-up to automate the supply of green auto parts

Allianz says it is a market first solution for the insurance and auto repair industries, with parts meeting standards for both.

When repairers generate a quote for a vehicle repair, the software automatically informs SYNETIQ’s inventory management system of the parts needed – according to rules agreed with Allianz. This allows SYNETIQ to offer matching parts. These are non-safety critical parts, such as doors, body panels and headlights that have been classified, cleaned, checked, and accompanied by a parts certificate of conformity.

According to Allianz, green parts are more environmentally friendly than their newly manufactured counterpart and cost up to 75% less. SYNETIQ, which is in charge of handling vehicles that Allianz has written off, guarantees that its parts are inspected and handled responsibly and are fully traceable.

“Through their long partnership, Allianz and SYNETIQ have worked together on an ethical and sustainable approach to vehicle repair,” said Nick Rossiter, director of auto damage strategy at Allianz Claims. “The mygreenparts platform allows our repairers to buy green parts seamlessly, which benefits our customers, the repair network and the planet.”

SYNETIQ says that insurers and fleet operators currently using the mygreenfleet system will be able to migrate to the new platform, save time and reduce carbon emissions, while the development of mygreenparts allows it to integrate with other systems of bodywork management and reach a wider audience.

“As the only truly integrated supplier of green parts nationwide, we manage the entire vehicle recovery process from start to finish,” said Tom Rumboll, CEO of SYNETIQ. “Improving our leading green parts service directly to insurers, through body shops, is a big step forward in our shared goal of automated and sustainable automotive solutions.”

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