Advice to develop the application for the renovation of London Transit facilities – London

London, Ontario is now one step closer to a newly refurbished transit headquarters after city council members voted to develop a joint application for a new London Transit Commission (LTC) facility on the Highbury Ave.

The application should be handled in conjunction with LTC staff and the Deputy City Manager, as well as with Financial Supporters, Environment and Infrastructure and the City Municipal Administration.

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The motion passed at Wednesday’s Strategic Priorities and Policy Meeting (SPPC).

LTC’s head office replacement plan was recently ‘accelerated’ after the Federal Government extended the bid deadline for London City Hall to spend the remaining $119.3 million owed to the originally be used for the construction of the western and northern route of the bus rapid transit (BRT) system.

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At Wednesday’s meeting, London Transit chief executive Kelly Paleczny referenced a 2019 study in which the city council approved three of five proposed routes.

“Indications at the time were that this facility could be a phased implementation of on-site destruction and reconstruction (which) would occur between three and four years for the entire project,” Paleczy explained, stating that this process will ensure the continued storage and maintenance of LTC buses on the property during construction.

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“If funding is approved, that’s plenty of time to kick off the project and complete it before the 2033 deadline,” she said.

According to Paleczy, the new facility will be able to house and service a larger fleet of transit buses and allow the organization to advance an eventual transition to electric buses.

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The recommendation was first discussed at a Strategic Priorities and Policy Meeting (SPPC) in June 2021 and stems from a motion brought forward by Mayor Ed Holder and Deputy Mayor Josh Morgan.

In a letter to the committee, the two refer to the province’s establishment of the Southwestern Ontario Transportation Task Force (SWOTTF), as well as the federal government’s commitment to explore the improved passenger rail service in the region as Greyhound announced it was closing down its Canadian operations last year.

According to a recent report to the SPPC, this CLD renovation project is the only transit megaproject ready to meet the federal government’s new application deadline.

The Council originally intended to create a list of projects for consideration by senior governments as part of the development of the city’s mobility master plan – a plan that will determine how London prioritizes transport as well as infrastructure, programs and mobility policies for the next 25 years.

But the application deadline was brought forward a year by the federal government, forcing the provincial government to reassess its schedule and schedule.

Projects must be selected by Friday July 29.

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“With the recent change in the federal budget, which required us to identify a project by the end of this month and submit a full business case by the end of November, realistically our plan to bring four projects at the end of 2020 through the Mobility Master Plan is no longer viable,” said Kelly Scherr, Deputy City Manager.

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“This project, however, is important,” she added.

Ward 9 County. Anna Hopkins said there is still a need to fully understand the opportunities this project will bring to the City of London in the future.

“I represent Ward 9, which is in the west, and it’s a growing area – it’s only going to get tougher,” Hopkins said. “The main concern I still hear from residents is how we get around safely, not only in our neighborhoods, but also the importance of getting around and the need for other opportunities.”

Additionally, at Wednesday’s meeting, Deputy Mayor Josh Morgan said he was confident that the public transport and transport improvements identified under the Mobility Master Plan will provide future opportunities for Londoners and the acquisition of government funding from other programs for the city.

“I will certainly support what lies ahead today and also support the Main Mobility planning process,” Morgan said.

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