There are currently about 70 banking institutions in Poland. And every bank has in its offer bank accounts. In many banks it is still not possible to check your online bank account, i.e. access to your account via the internet.

Is access to the account via the Internet really better or secure, and what are the pros and cons – these are the issues we discuss in this article.

Checking your online bank account is definitely easier than standing in a queue. If someone is faced with the choice of a bank and opening an account there, he definitely wonders what are the advantages of such a solution. Here are some of the benefits of online accounts:

No queues


Although I have been using online accounts since they appeared in Poland, I perfectly remember the situation from before 2012, when I accompanied my father to a visit to his bank. We are out of stock more than 30 minutes. Irretrievably lost time only to be able to make several transfers. Of course, transfers had to be completed manually on special prints.

As for me queuing is a great waste of time. If you have a bank account where you can check your online bank account, you skip queues as if by nature – you do everything online.

Account access from anywhere in the world


Wherever you have internet access, you also have access to your online account. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Warsaw, Berlin or Paris, it’s always possible to check your online bank account. You know if someone has paid you money, but you can also make transfers for bills etc.

Easy to pay for purchases

Most accounts that allow you to check your online bank account also allow you to quickly and securely pay for purchases in online stores or allegro. Most importantly, such payment is very easy to make, and the seller has money almost at the same time when you pay for the goods or service.

Saving time

Accounts enabling access via the Internet usually have one more nice function, it is possible to remember (save to the bank’s memory) the recipients of transfers. Thanks to this, when transferring to the same person or institution, there is no need to enter all data for the transfer from the beginning. Contrary to appearances, such a solution can save a lot of time.

Using online accounts is very secure thanks to advanced technologies used by the bank. Usually, the account owner has a unique password in addition to the individual login or customer number. In addition, the one-time password required to confirm each new transfer is a commonly used technique.

Of course, there is always a risk that someone will steal your login and password, but thanks to one-time passwords you will not be able to enter your data for the transfer. In addition, all activities are monitored by security systems and capture unusual behavior (such as attempts to hack an account).

Online bank account security

Online bank account security

In addition, in most cases the bank is responsible for account security breaches, so your money is safe. At the same time, the account owner is responsible for keeping the login and password secret from others.

To sum up, checking your online bank account is actually a standard and a necessity. The universality of accounts in which this is possible is so large that certainly online accounts are offered by every major bank, and it is becoming commonplace in smaller banks.

On our website you can also find bank accounts recommended by our advisers. Currently, accounts in which it is impossible to check a bank account online are rare, but just in case it is worth checking before the final decision.

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