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An Eddie Bauer debit payment card is a card issued to the client’s current account and is used for drawing the client’s own funds or funds from the authorized overdraft. An Eddie Bauer credit card is a combination of an international credit card and a quick credit facility with a contractually agreed credit facility that can be used repeatedly, even without interest.

You can also issue a credit card to a bank that doesn’t have an account. So when you use a credit card, you don’t use your funds, but you borrow money from Eddie Bauer LLC. It is a form of a loan. If you return this “borrowed” money to the bank in an interest-free period, the bank will not charge you any interest in the loan.

In most cases, this is a period of approximately 45-50 days, when you have the option to return your bank money for free. This is the main advantage of a credit card – you can borrow quickly, and when you return the money by the deadline, you don’t pay interest.

If you do not pay the bank the full amount in the interest-free period, the bank will charge you interest. Compared to ordinary consumer credit, interest rates are relatively high, amounting to 19% per year. 

Eddie Bauer Credit Card Fees:

The credit card is accompanied by a monthly fee for card account maintenance. It ranges from 12 to 108 dollars per year. All payments are free of charge at the merchant (at home and abroad) and internet payments.

All ATM withdrawals are charged and it does not matter if you withdraw from your own ATM or Eddie Bauer’s ATM or abroad.

Eddie Bauer debit payment card

Eddie Bauer payment card

You ‘ll normally receive a debit card with your bank account. It gives you access to your money in your current bank account. So when you pay with a debit card, you pay with your own funds. 

Debit payment card fees: 

You do not pay for a debit card if you use a service package with your bank. Usually, the package also includes unlimited card payments at merchants (at home and abroad), Internet payments and ATM withdrawals from Eddie Bauer’s own ATM. Withdrawals from an Eddie Bauer ATM are usually charged. 

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